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Hello there amazing bunch of people! I know it’s been a while, and trust me, it hasn’t been easy. Sometimes I want to just give up and not even do anything at all, but then I wake up everyday and see my mom and I can’t help but be motivated. She’s my greatest joy and my pillar that I pray will never fall.

Gimme a loud amen if you agree mothers are awesome!!!! Amen!

So, today’s post will be slightly different from our actual topic but I just feel it’s something of great relevance and should have a chance to be featured on here.

Recently, I posted something on my whatsapp status about “secrets” and I broadcasted that it was okay for people on my cl (contact list) to be brave and talk to me. It was supposed to be therapeutic, cause at that particular time, a series of bad events occurred in my life and I was usually really sad and depressed and the only thing that kept me sane was this special someone that understood absolutely everything. (nope I’m not expantiating on that someone 😂😉) so I thought, if I’m going through this, then there must be tons of other people going through worse with no one to talk to and I always want to help. So I posted the bc and assured everyone about the safety of their stories and people started reaching out. Like it was so crazy how many people I had to talk to all at once and I didn’t even think people would take it seriously, but I was so overwhelmed by the number of people who trusted me enough to share their grievances with me.

These amazing people have also given me the permission to share their stories with the world through my blog, but they’ll remain anonymous as I promised and I just hope that this will serve as a source of inspiration for other people out there who are still hiding behind their own skin to come out and throw paranoia into the bin. Here, you will not be judged, rather you’ll be helped. Always remember that I love you❤

Abused and used.

My first story centers around sexual abuse. A girl of about age 4 or 5 who lives with her parents and 3 siblings: let’s call her Toyebi. (if there’s anyone bearing that name here, please don’t be offended. We ain’t talking bout ‘ you hunnay 😉😘). Toyebi is your regular little girl, but extremely shy and reserved. She rarely spoke to anyone, not even her parents and I think her quietness made her easy prey for the wicked. At 4, Toyebi was traumatized by a supposedly favourite cousin and went through a case of ‘rape’ in the hands of this unfortunate boy (yes he was just a boy of approximately 15 years old! ) and he defiled this little girl, making her go through pain that could literally kill!

Toyebi grew up and matured into a beautiful teenager, carrying the mental scars of her childhood tragedy into the future. And as an unfortunate fate would have it again, a distant uncle decided to visit the family and spend the vacation with them. He was funny, smart, cute, easy to talk to and very down-to-earth, so it was only natural that the kids grew to like him instantly, unknown to them that he was a wolf in sheep’s skin. He took his chance and took advantage of Toye’s meekness and he scarred her for a second time. (imagine going through something so horrific for a second time in a lifetime😩). Her uncle even went ahead to mock her about not being a virgin and he said he didn’t do any wrong since she was supposedly already having sex.😭 Toyebi’s parents are very respectful Christians and her dad is even a pastor and that was part of her reasons for not speaking up, especially after her uncle threatened to announce to the whole church that their head pastor’s daughter wasn’t a virgin and was having sex with half the men in the congregation. Toyebi couldn’t afford to bring shame to her family, so she kept mute, and every night after everyone had gone to bed, her uncle would crawl into her bed and forcefully have his way with her, while she cried silent, heartbreaking tears. This continued for the duration of time her uncle spent with her family and with every single tear, her soul hollowed, reeling deep into darkness.

To be honest, I cried so much as she related everything to me and I wanted to be with her and hug her close, but we were texting through whatsapp and there was no way I could see her. I did my best though and I hope she’s over the depression she was in. She’ll be reading this and I just hope wherever you are, you find happiness in everything you do. You’re an amazing person and even though during highschool, I wasn’t really close with you, you were such a smart, wonderful and gentle person. Nobody and definitely not you deserves to go through something so atrocious but I guess life just has a f*cked up way of treating people. And I hope you find inner-peace and calm within yourself inshallah. I really love you babe and I’m glad you trusted me enough to share your story with me, and I hope this serves as a source of inspiration for everyone reading.

If you’re a victim, please speak up! Silence kills, honey. Don’t be afraid, cause you’re not alone. And if you’re an accused,


Depression is real and most of us are depressed but we don’t realize it until it’s too late. I pray it won’t be too late for any of us bijahi rosulullah! And if you’re having problems with depression and you want to talk to a professional, please visit my friend’s blog @beCCa’s blog💫 here on word press, for professional advice on how to overcome depression.

I love you so much and remember, silence is never an option!

Tune in next week for another dive into real, touching stories! for now,


Find Out… (A True Story)

What’s the first thing to know or learn about Dreams?

Hello there wonderful chocolates!!!!

*Yes I called you a chocolate. Don’t you wanna be one of those yummies😁😋*


I’m sorry, I tend to veer off topic a lot😁😁. So, back to the matter at hand.

I know we all have this one aunt that’s always the “classy” and “tush” one in the family. And they have this sorta accent and speaking gestures that just make you go;

😒They have come again…

LMAO! I can totally relate! So there was this aunt of mine that was like that. She used to spend the holidays with my family then when she was in University cause her parents stay abroad. Even though she was so sophisticated and obnoxious, she was very friendly and easy to talk to, so we naturally became close. I loved having her around and my siblings and I even started making fun of her behavioural antics😂😂😂 and she would just laugh it off with us.

She graduated from uni, got her masters degree and everything, and then prepared to serve. I was so happy for her cause she had her whole life planned out and everything was going the way she wanted.

When I say had her whole life planned out, I mean,

Finish school with a first class degree, probably get a job, get married and have kids.

That was it for her. She didn’t even actually want to get a job; it was a probability. Why?

Because her dad’s rich.

She felt she could just get a place in her dad’s company or something and so, when NYSC got “too hard” for her, she opted out and that was how she didn’t finish serving, with all her first class degree and all that shii. I was still young at the time, so I didn’t really understand what she was doing but I knew it wasn’t right. So, eventually she ended up not finishing NYSC and everything was going fine, still. Then on her 25th birthday, her boyfriend proposed to her!!!!

Awesome right!

Let’s say, 5 months later, my aunt was married and pregnant! We were all sooooo happy for her! During this time, she had started working as a manager in one of her dad’s hotel in Lekki and business was booming. Though we kinda lost contact and we didn’t talk much like before cause she was married and all that…

Then suddenly one morning, my mom got a call that the hotel caught fire and got burnt! We were all so shocked and disbelieving! My aunt called and was crying on the phone…the whole family was just devastated. Then about two weeks later, she came to see us and just spend time with us cause it’s been so long. I missed her so much and we caught up on things and talked a lot. As we talked, a question popped up in my mind and I decided to ask her. I was like.

“Aunty ****, before your dad’s hotel got burnt, you were working there as the managing director right?”

“Yeah, why did you suddenly bring that up?” She asked.

“Nothing I was just wondering, you used to be a goal setter and I don’t think you ever wanted to work as a manager. Were you happy running your dad’s company? Cause you’ve always told me that no matter what I do, my happiness comes first.” I asked her.

She just stared at me for so long I started feeling awkward and then she suddenly burst into tears. I didn’t know what was wrong and I thought she was having mood swings cause of the pregnancy. But then after a while she wiped her eyes and said,

“I wasn’t happy Aleeyah, I wasn’t happy at all. I used to be a goal setter, yes but I never set a goal for my future. I only saw things in the present perspective and I didn’t know how dastardly situations could turn around. I used to be so sad and frustrated because I didn’t like what I was doing but I couldn’t tell anyone cause I chose the job for myself and made my dad fire the previous manager. I hate myself so much right now!”

She cried so much that I started crying too as I pulled her into a hug. I felt so sad and disheartened to see her going through so much unhappiness and depression.

My point from all this story is to let you know that without present life goals and dreams, the future holds nothing. My aunt stayed jobless for a whole year before she finally realized what her passion really was. She loved making people beautiful and helping them feel good about themselves, so she opened a fashion industry, learnt makeup and started doing what she loved. She now owns a really big fabric factory, she has over 50 employees working for her and if you ever think low of yourself, just talk to her. She gives advices on fashion tips, health tips, makeup tips…you name it!

Her story is one of my inspirations for starting this blog and I’m so happy that I helped in my own little way to change her life for the better. And I hope through this, I can help change millions of lives too! So my question for you is,

What are your dreams? What do you love doing the most? What is your PASSION??

Help me on this journey of self-discovery and let’s help make our lives one to remember. Remember, if not everyone, at least one person in the world loves you!

I love youuuuuuu!!!!!

Bye and don’t forget to come back for more next week!

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Your Dreams, My Dreams, Our Future.

Okay, so this is kinda hard but I’ll just go with the flow.

*Clears throat*

So, as y’all already probably know…my name is Adebayo Aleeyah. I’m a “shortput” with more problems than I can manage😁 but I like to consider my self as “sweet”…dunno if I really am.

I’m a 16 year old bored child that lovesss writing! Meh, Wattpad is my life! I have a couple books written by me😌 and recently I developed a passion for blogging, so here I am!

Basically, this blog will be all about me, you, us and everything this wonderful planet called Earth has in store for us. Therefore, I want to use this opportunity to officially welcome you to my DREAMS! Hehehe I’m feeling funky!😁😁

*Let’s get serious!* Okay.

At particular points in time, we all develop certain interests and hobbies. However, the very reason of our existence and the fuel of our actions are our DREAMS. Whether your dream is to be an artiste, an artist, a dancer, a lawyer, a technician, a doctor, an entrepreneur…whatever it may be. It’s all up to you to decide how you’re gonna achieve it. Just like the true meaning of the word; Dreams:: a figment, or a pictorial imagination, created by a person’s mind while sleeping, usually based on their wishes, hopes and wants.

Our dreams will only remain dreams if we never try to turn them into reality. Who remembers Percy Jackson; and the lightning thief?? Remember that part where he went to hell in search of Hades. As he travelled in the boat, there were some stuffs floating midair and fading screams surrounded them. He then asked the gatekeeper of hell that was in charge of the boat-ride what the items and the screams meant. And he replied Percy, “They are Dreams that never came true,” I was so sad while watching that part, that I made a vow to myself that I’ll make sure I try everything in my capacity to fulfill all my dreams.

What’s the first thing to know or learn about DREAMS??

Join me next week to find out!

I hope you enjoyed my very first article!…and if you did, please comment your thoughts and questions…if you have any.

Stay blessed and try not to be bored like me😁…see ya!

Remember; To Dream is to Believe, and to Believe, is to Live.